Tips for Staying Healthy

The people of New Orleans have shown a great ability to recover in the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina. It’s important to remember that the 10th anniversary of Katrina will bring about
different emotional and physical reactions for everyone.

Connect With Your Family and FriendsKatrina Healthy Tips_FINAL

Check in with family members and friends to find out how they are doing.

Be open. Talk, call, and visit with your friends and family. Connect with other support systems, like churches and other places of worship, or neighborhood groups

Talk to your children. Comfort your children; give them chances to talk about what they are seeing and feeling. Help them take steps to be mentally and physically healthy. Look for signs that someone may need help. Contact Metropolitan Human Services if someone needs more support.

Choose to engage or disengage. For some it might be helpful to join a Katrina 10 event. For others, it may be tuning out of social media, TV, or just staying home

When To Get Help

Strong feelings are natural. Check yourself for these signs of a more serious problem:

• Feelings of nervousness

• Feeling anxious or fearful, overwhelmed by sadness, or confused

• Having trouble thinking clearly and concentrating

• Wanting to be alone most of the time

• Increase in alcohol or drug use