Times-Picayune: Mayor Landrieu thanks America for helping New Orleans rebuild after Katrina

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu offered up thanks to everyone from four American presidents to “the American taxpayer” for helping transform New Orleans from “literally being underwater” to become “one of the world’s most remarkable stories of tragedy and triumph, resurrection and redemption.” His remarks came in a upbeat speech Tuesday to a National Press Club Read More >

USA Today: New Orleans Mayor touts resilience in city’s comeback

For New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the recovery in the 10 years sinceHurricane Katrina can be defined in one word: resilience. Landrieu spoke to the National Press Club inWashington, D.C. on Tuesday, where he emphasized the city’s progress a decade after the devastating hurricane, which struck on Aug. 29, 2005. “The people of New Orleans took Read More >

USA Today: New Orleans Mayor touts resilience in city’s comeback

Katrina is among the costliest disasters in U.S. history and the costliest hurricane on record, according to the National Weather Service. It took more than 1,800 lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Landrieu revisited the moment when the hurricane hit and the levees broke, submerging miles of the city under as much as 15 Read More >

The Boston Globe: 10 years after Katrina, New Orleans abounds with hard lessons

AFTER HURRICANE KATRINA STRUCK, a decade ago this month, you could almost believe that a calamity could help a major American city fix its deepest problems. Moved by footage of impoverished New Orleanians escaping from floodwaters, urban planners descended on New Orleans with dreams of a more equitable community built on higher ground. Reality soon Read More >

Times-Picayune: Ten Years after Katrina, What Do We Want Outsiders to See?

We’ve got company coming soon. What to do? Most times that’s an easy question to answer. When you’ve got visitors coming, you do your best to look your best. But on this occasion – the 10th anniversary of a storm, the 10th anniversary of a catastrophe, the 10th anniversary of death, despair, displacement and disillusionment Read More >

Times-Picayune: New Orleans rebuilds stronger 10 years after Katrina

Polly Campbell cuts the ribbon to officially open the Arc of New Orleans’ Sterling Hall in Chalmette. Arc officials and clients assist Campbell. Looking back, Cliff Doescher quietly reflected on all that has occurred since those very dark days after Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area in August 2005. Doescher serves as executive director Read More >

New York Times: The New Orleans Restaurant Bounce, After Katrina

On a brutally humid day almost 10 years ago, Donald Link was a sweaty, desperate man in a respirator mask lugging a rotting pig’s head to the curb. Unlike nearly 80 percent of New Orleans, his French-influenced restaurant, Herbsaint, hadn’t flooded when the levees failed during Hurricane Katrina. But the pig’s head, along with enough Read More >

Fox 8 New Orleans: Life Beyond Katrina: Rescue swimmer shares his story

FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) – First responders saved thousands of lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now, nearly 10 years after the storm, one of the first Coast Guard rescue swimmers on scene shares his story. “It triggers a lot of emotion, a lot of Read More >

Times-Picayune: The Weather Channel’s ‘Katrina 2065’ will mark the anniversary with a look into the future

The Weather Channel’s ‘Katrina 2065’ will mark the anniversary with a look into the future What’s on TV tonight? ‘Astronaut Wives Club,’ ‘Wayward Pines,’ ‘BBQ Pit Wars’ ‘Roots’ remake, set to begin New Orleans filming in mid-August, issues casting call for extras The Weather Channel will mark Hurricane Katrina’s 10th anniversary with a new special Read More >

The Lens: A Renewed Sense of Hope in New Orleans: Jamar McKneely Talks with Adam Hawf

Jamar McKneely is the Chief Executive Officer of InspireNOLA Charter Schools. Adam Hawf previously served as assistant superintendent of Portfolio at the Louisiana Department of Education, and deputy superintendent of Portfolio at the Louisiana Recovery School District. Hawf spoke recently with McKneely about what the past 10 years have meant, and what the next 10 Read More >

Huff Post: How Small-Business Growth And Entrepreneurship Have Powered New Orleans’ Post-Katrina Comeback

Nearly 10 years ago, Hurricane Katrina shone a spotlight on the major challenges the greater New Orleans region had been facing for decades: high poverty, structural unemployment, major population declines, a non-diversified economy and migrating businesses. All this meant that in the 40 years preceding, the area had underperformed the national average in job creation Read More >

Monroe News Star: State is more resilient because of planning

Adedication to preparedness in the decade since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita has forged a more resilient state, infrastructure and population. Planning is a critical component of preparedness. Starting in the command and control center of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness in Baton Rouge, through state agencies and local government officials to the citizens who annually Read More >

The Lens: New Orleans: A City That Works—Together

Imagine a city where all high school students have had a series of job experiences by the time they graduate. When many of us think back to some of the essential lessons we learned growing up—lessons around hard work, reliability, punctuality, a service ethic—we find that we developed many of our habits of mind through Read More >