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The Data Center: The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur Post-Katrina

As the anniversary quickly approaches, we’re doubling down on our efforts to bring you the most comprehensive assessment of the progress of reforms and remaining challenges post-Katrina. Today, The Data Center is releasing the eighth and ninth in a series of reports we are calling The New Orleans Index at Ten Collection. The Rise of Read More >

The Idea Village: Who are the Entrepreneurial Heroes of the Storm?

With the 10th anniversary of Katrina approaching, I’ve been reflecting on my personal journey that began when I, along with like-minded New Orleanians, announced a $10,000 business plan contest in 2000, calling for the best idea in New Orleans (which was won by PetroDesigns.) The Backstory Serendipitously, the 10th anniversary of Katrina will be the Read More >

The Idea Village: Finding My ‘Why’ in New Orleans

                “The world breaks everyone, but afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” –Ernest Hemingway When Hurricane Katrina made landfall ten years ago, I was a junior in college in Leavenworth, Kansas. I clearly remember walking out of my dorm room to the commons area and seeing Read More >

Local Businesses Thriving Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina

Local Businesses Thriving Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina Despite Challenges, New Orleans Businesses Are Bullish NEW ORLEANS, LA:  StayLocal, Greater New Orleans’ independent business alliance, announced today the release of its 2015 New Orleans Independent Business Trends Report.  The report finds New Orleans businesses out-performing independent businesses nationally according to several indicators. Key findings from the report Read More >

The Idea Village: New Orleans Entrepreneurs Embody Resilience

Close to this time ten years ago, I was about to begin my first week of college as a freshmen at Loyola University in New Orleans. My first day would have been August 30, 2005. You know what happens next. At the time, I evacuated to Baton Rouge with my family, where I enrolled at Read More >

Huff Post: How Small-Business Growth And Entrepreneurship Have Powered New Orleans’ Post-Katrina Comeback

Nearly 10 years ago, Hurricane Katrina shone a spotlight on the major challenges the greater New Orleans region had been facing for decades: high poverty, structural unemployment, major population declines, a non-diversified economy and migrating businesses. All this meant that in the 40 years preceding, the area had underperformed the national average in job creation Read More >